Summary of Slate Article

The article In the Name of Love by Miya Tokumitsu approaches doing what you love for a living from a new angle. It explains that this simple advice is blown way out of proportion and that only a very small percentage of people get to live this way. This statement makes workers believe that their labors serve themselves and not the market. The article uses Steve Jobs and his dream about Apple technology as an example. It argues that to build his dream much physical labor was put into creating it. This factory labor with low wage workers is brushed aside with the statement that work should be a passion. This ability to create a better life with a ‘dream job’ is extremely unattainable for the majority. Tokumitsu states that social economic status is the main factor to obtaining a better life. Many Americans perform in low wage jobs because they are a victim of circumstance. Tokumitsu argues that this statement of following a passion is used by companies to make individuals ideal employees. Workers are paid lower wages yet they work harder and longer with less benefit.


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