The Good and Bad of Mass Amateurization

Today’s media is a mixture of amateur and professional creations. The internet has made it easier than ever before for anyone to publish anything at any given moment. Before the internet it was very difficult for any form of media to be published. Professionals and organizations acted as gate keepers, and anything that was ever published was carefully screened. One of the benefits of mass amateurization is freedom and power. Now anyone can publish anything they please whether it meets are careful standard or not. Everyone can be an outlet and provide a source of entertainment, business, and education to anyone.

Another benefit is that this information spreading can be done with little to no cost for the provider. This low cost allows just about anyone with minimal know how to start a business or create content. Before the internet information that could be gathered was extremely limited as there was less of it professionally available. This is another benefit of mass amateurization as virtually any question can be answered by anyone with knowledge in that area. Disadvantages of this are that once powerful media outlets are suffering and the job market for the field is under threat. It would seem professionals and gate keepers are less needed. The quality of the information provided and put out to the public suffers as more of it can come from misinformed individuals. It has also opened up a whole new way to commit crime and steal media and not give credit to the original creator. 


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