Using Examples for my Presentation

The talk about the evolution of morality in the human race presented by Steven Pinker and Rebecca Goldstein received low scores by viewers. This presentation featured a scripted conversation among Pinker, Goldstein, and their host Chris Anderson. The three of them sat down at a mock dinner party in which they spoke about their chosen subject. Chris Anderson remarks that he had his back to the audience the whole time and regrets doing this.

This talk was eventually turned into a 15 minute animation of Pinker and Goldstein sitting down to dinner at a restaurant. They proceed to discuss the evolution of morality and clever examples from history are used. This animation is done very well and gets the point across far stronger than the live mock dinner party. I feel examples used here are useful and grabbed my attention, and I sat through the whole 15 minute video without becoming bored. In my presentation I plan to use audience grabbing content instead of mostly dry statistical information. Real world examples of the issue I speak about will help the audience relate to the information. 


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