How Charmian Gooch Discusses the Issues of Anonymous Companies

In her ted talk My Wish: To Launch a New Era in Business Charmian Gooch uses one word displays and pictures to illustrate her argument. Gooch mainly speaks about anonymity in business and how it’s working to protect corrupt individuals. Many anonymous companies can work to hide illegal activity in the background of a large corporation. These no name companies also can run their own crime rings or destroy small and poor communities. Gooch uses an example of how an anonymous company deprived an impoverished community in Congo of millions of dollars. She first shows a graphic of the country of Congo and then a photo of how the people of Congo live. I felt this was very effective without being distracting of her main point. Gooch illustrates in the same way of how no name companies are responsible for much of the illegal deforestation of the rain forests.

According to Gooch the easiest places to set up anonymous companies are in America and the UK. She explains that the individuals can set up a no name company providing less information than one would need to receive a library card. Crimes can be committed with no names or faces attached. Gooch displays a picture of where someone can go to set up an LLC company and fill in the fields with fake information. The information an individual provides on this online form isn’t for any public record. She uses very few visuals in her presentation and the main focus is on her as a speaker. I feel this is an effective way of delivering a speech and a good way to not detach the audience with too many distractions.


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