Non-Tech Group Collaboration

The recent advances in technology have changed how companies run. Employees can now be even more connected to each other if they aren’t in the office. Employees can still be part of a company and work from a home office, while collaborating with others via internet technology. Because of this big leap companies can complete projects in a shorter range of time than ever before. However, sometimes people rely too much on these tools and they become hindering in their work. The technology may be useful but if it isn’t used correctly or productively it can be useless.

Before using technology a company’s culture must first be shifted. The introduction of new tools will change the way a company’s projects are executed. There are non-technology based elements that make my group meetings more effective. While we mainly use internet tools like google documents and email. In person meetings are still conducted. Seeing each other face to face creates a deeper professional bond that helps us better complete our project.


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